CycleStreets cycle routing app is now available for Blackberry 10. It’s free!

We’d welcome any feedback from users of different devices.

See more screenshots on our mobile pages, or download it free now.

Blackberry 10

Route Route result
Route Route result
Replan route Replan route
Namefinder Namefinder
London Cycle Hire points London Cycle Hire points
Points of interest Points of interest

2 thoughts to “CycleStreets cycle routing app now on Blackberry 10

  • James

    Is this based on the Qt version hosted at (and therefore compatible with meego)? I’d love to run this on my Nokia N9!

  • Administrator for Wordpress

    Hi James,

    The app above is a recompilation of the Android app code for the BB10 platform, so works on the new BB10 phones and on a Blackberry Playbook.

    I’m afraid a Qt version never got written, though if a volunteer does come along with time to write a Qt-based one, that would be great.

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