CycleStreets is a social enterprise working to get more people cycling, through the provision of a cycle journey planning giving really good, safe routes, and through tools for the cycling advocacy community.

We believe that cycling is a form of transport which offers so many benefits – to the environment, to health, to liveable cities, to give people access to employment, and much more. It is a human-scale activity that is accessible to almost everyone, and is the basis for modern towns and cities that are pleasant and happy places to live.

🚲 We aim to produce the best cycle routing in the world, using our advanced knowledge of how cyclists navigate through varied kinds of on-street infrastructure.

⚙ We aim to create tools that enable the cycle campaigning community to work more effectively, providing data and visualisations that help make the case for better cycle infrastructure.

We are based in Cambridge, UK, home to the highest level of cycling in the country.

CycleStreets is run by two people who have been involved in cycle campaigning for many years. Martin Lucas-Smith, is the co-author of Making Space for Cycling, a guide for new developments and street renewals. This is the only guide backed by every national cycling advocacy organisation in the UK. Simon Nuttall is an accredited cycle trainer. Martin and Simon are both active members (Martin also a Trustee) of Camcycle, a Cambridge-based charity which works with local authorities to increase levels of cycling through advocacy of provision of cycle infrastructure and promotion.

Most of our work is open source, available on Github. We welcome your involvement!

Our websites and projects

Read more about our main websites and other projects.

Our skills and experience

We have a wide range of skills which we can deploy flexibly and at a low cost, with all of the following at expert level:

  • Cycle routing expertise
  • OpenStreetMap training and consultancy
  • Open data
  • Web mapping (Leafet / MapboxGL)
  • Web development
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Cycling advocacy / planning knowledge
  • Data liberation

Company information

CycleStreets Ltd is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in the UK, company number 06948959.

You can see full details including our registration documents and accounts on the Companies House website.

CycleStreets Ltd was originally set up in 2009 as an offshoot of Cambridge Cycling Campaign. We are a completely separate organisation to that charity.

Our company documents, registered with Companies House, implement our not-for-profit status through (a) prevention of payment of dividends (MoA section 4), and (b) an asset lock such that any assets of the company cannot be retained upon dissolution (MoA section 5).

We act in an entrepreneurial way, seeking to implement forward-thinking ideas and new opportunities in line with our core aim to enable more people to cycle. All income is put back into the organisation.

Salary levels are determined by reference to jobs requiring similar skill levels locally in Cambridge. The Directors do not receive any extra remuneration beyond such levels, nor any additional payment level representing directorial responsibilities.