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Cyclescape is a toolkit for campaign groups, enabling their members to discuss cycling-related issues.


  • Find out what’s going on in your area or where you cycle
  • Get involved in as many or as few issues as you want
  • Contribute to discussions easily without feeling overwhelmed
  • Easily discover key resources and have best practice and guidance summarised
  • Keep on top of deadlines, e.g. the date for a council consultation
  • See planning applications appear automatically on the map – that could create new barriers or opportunities for cycling
  • Analyse collision data
  • See the history of any issue to avoid reinventing the wheel
  • Work productively with others, including Local Authorities where wished, to create actual change on the ground



You can monitor an area for changes

Lodge issues – which then get discussed

Integrated collision data

Street View integration

Deadline management


  • Enable members of the public and campaigners easily to pinpoint where cycling is difficult
  • Help groups prioritise what to work on
  • Pull in planning application data automatically, so that potential issues needing attention are readily accessible
  • Automatically notify and involve people who cycle through an area – who therefore have an interest in seeing issues fixed
  • Make geographical data such as collision data and accessibility analysis easily available, to provide context
  • Enable simpler and more focussed discussion based on specific issues, groups of issues, or themes
  • Enable best practice to be ‘pulled-in’ to discussions, by providing off-the-shelf examples shared from elsewhere in the UK
  • Enable groups to include LA contacts in these discussions if they wish
  • Enable groups to assemble ‘solution’ resources so that problems can be resolved on the ground
  • Give groups a variety of ways of publishing their activity on their website easily.