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The nearest thing to a SatNav for cycling is now available on your iPhone. Download it from the App Store now – for free!

And it's free!

Our OpenStreetMap-based routing, for cyclists by cyclists, is now available on the move, complete with full placefinder, tap-to-set and with turn-by-turn directions.

Read all about it on our new mobile page!

Brought to you by CycleStreets, the UK-based cycle routing people, run on a not-for-profit basis.

Plan cycle-friendly routes from A to B anywhere in the UK!

  • Innovative & quick "three taps" system: Set current location, tap the map to set destination, and plan!
  • Or search for any location in the UK, including full postcode support and local/national placefinder
  • Turn-by-turn itinerary view
  • Choose from different types of routing – fastest/quietest/balanced
  • Takes account of hills automatically
  • Plan journeys up to 100 miles (160km) long
  • Routes automatically saved for later viewing
  • Choice of map styles (including OpenCycleMap showing contours)
  • UK-wide (NB some areas of OpenStreetMap are better than others)
  • Routing for cyclists, by cyclists: your input to OpenStreetMap welcome

Cycle campaigners will love it too: Photomap photo facility

  • Need some cycle parking in your area? Take a picture and add it to our Photomap
  • Obstruction in the way? Report it! Or found an example of great infrastructure? Add it!
  • Browse the existing library of 25,000+ photos
  • Full category and caption support
  • Fully-integrated upload with automatic geolocation
  • Locations used by campaigners around the UK
  • Integrated signin facility

We'd particularly like to thank the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund and Cycle Cambridge for their grants towards this app, plus our developer Alan Paxton who put in an enormous amount of work.

Our long-awaited iPhone app is now available! Download it from the App Store now – for free.

3 thoughts to “CycleStreets iPhone app now available!

  • Wookey

    This is very cool, but at Open Tech a couple of weeks ago it was pointed out that iphones are 14% of the _smartphone_ market and smartphones are about 20% of the overall phone market. So writing fancy iphone and android apps only provides access to this useful service to a tiny fraction (3%) of phone users. OK, quite a lot of those phone users don't have net access at all, but quite a lot do, and that section of the market seems to be being completely ignored by most developers (who all have shiny latest, expensive kit). (see 'Why doesn't your site work on my Phone' by Terence eden: audio and slides at: http://www.ukuug.org/events/opentech2010/schedule/#SEMINAR_s5)
    What about providing a simple small-screen friendly html interface? That works for _everybody_. OK, you have to work round browser quirks and it's not a as slick, but the point is about making a service widely available. That is paramount, surely, especially for a service like this?
    And whilst I'm here – why is the cyclestreets code still proporietary? Is it going to be released or not? Right now no-one else can provide the above small-screen html version because the code's not available, so all we can do it whine at you to provide it. Open up the code and other people could help.

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  • martin

    We followed up about other platforms at http://www.cyclestreets.net/blog/2010/09/24/cyclestreets-mobile-platforms/ including the mobile site we're working on, and are moving closer to towards open-sourcing the project generally. As a stepping stone, the Android code is already on GitHub and the iPhone app code will be there shortly once we've worked out what OSI-approved license is compatible with the App Store's conditions.

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