As previously announced, we're busily preparing a new iPhone app.

We mentioned in our last posting that the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund has kindly given us a grant of £5,000 towards this project. We’re extremely grateful to the Trustees of the Fund for their support – their funding has enabled this much-requested new interface for CycleStreets to come about.

Cycle CambridgeWe're pleased to announce today a further grant of just under £2,000 from Cycle Cambridge, which will enable us to complete the mobile project for our initial release. They are doing excellent work here in Cambridge to improve infrastructure and get more people on their bikes, and this grant is one of many ways in which they are helping to promote cycling in Cambridge and the surrounding area.

The two grants will be used for the iPhone development costs and improvements to the core journey planning algorithm/speed to support mobile use for all platforms.

The app will be released free-of-charge, and we expect to launch later this month, possibly during Bike Week.

We've also received a couple of offers to help with an Android app, which is great news. If you can help with either an Android app or ongoing development of the iPhone one, do let us know.

2 thoughts to “CycleStreets mobile app funding

  • Duncan

    How're you getting on with the iPhone App? Is it due for a release any time soon? I know it's hard to get things on to the App store…

  • martin

    Our developer has been busy on another project for a week or two, but is due to do another week's work to finish things off very soon. No release date yet, but we expect this month :)

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