We’re pleased to announce a significant new version of the CycleStreets Android App (version 2.0). It brings a much requested feature – LiveRide sat-nav voice navigation.

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LiveRide provides

  • Turn-by-turn voice instructions as you ride
  • Automatic rerouting if you go off course
  • Can run in the background with screen off
  • Option to keep screen on and prevent phone from sleeping

Once you’ve planned a route, simply tap the Start LiveRide button to get going. Once it’s established a GPS lock, it’ll start guiding you on your way. The display shows where you are and your direction of travel. The panel at the top shows the next turn and the distance to it. Your speed is shown at the bottom of the screen.

The padlock icon at the top right controls the screen lock. When locked, the screen will stay on. When unlocked, the phone will turn the screen off as normal. I use a handlebar mount and for short city journeys, I find it useful to keep the screen on. For longer rides, letting the screen turn off as normal helps preserve the battery. I’d also recommend using the off-line map pack too.

Planned route   Live Ride

Unlike many drivers over the past few years the chances of a cyclist getting stuck following satnav directions seem slim but do take care when using LiveRide.

– Jez

3 thoughts to “LiveRide for CycleStreets Android app

  • Matt

    Brilliant work with this – I recently used the live ride feature on a 15 mile ride from north to south london, and the routing was excellent. Combined with audio navigation, it made riding a new route pretty easy. However, the amount of warning you get before you have to make a turn isn’t enough – the voice simply says ‘get ready’, and then where you need to go. A few times I found myself approaching a junction and then suddenly being directed to turn right or left when I was effectively in the middle of it. If the voice direction could be tuned to give a bit more advanced notice that would be excellent – perhaps along the lines of, ‘get ready to turn right into road……..turn now’.

    It’d also be great if the app could display more route info, like the time taken to ride, total distance, average and top speed. And if you could edit the route you want to take, drag and drop style like gmaps, that would make this app perfect :-)

    Thanks again for making my cycling life much easier!

  • Bob Douglas

    Can the voice output go over Bluetooth. I have Sony Xperia U and although the Jabra Bluetoooth earpiece is twinned, voice output is over the speakerphone not the bluetooth

  • Craig Ball

    Excellent new feature but more warning needed. Have just completed a 2 day coast to coast with a stop over at home and tried to use this feature but had to turn it off before I had left Southport (starting point) because I kept missing the turn. With this fixed, it would be amazing.

    Keep up the excellent work!


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