Using OS OpenData

CycleStreets makes heavy use, as many people will know, of OpenStreetMap data as the basis of our street/path network for route planning. For us, the ability of the community of cyclists and others to contribute to this data is an important part of the effectiveness of CycleStreets. But, lesser-known, is that we also make use of several OS […]

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Cycle campaign toolkit – spec published

We’re pleased to publish an updated specification for the campaigner toolkit, following consultation with groups. There’s been lots of useful feedback submitted by e-mail, twitter, blog replies, and in meetings we’ve had. These comments were turned into about 5 pages of bullet-points for working into the spec. Many of the points raised were useful points […]

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Detailed cycling attribute data for better cycle routing

We're aiming with CycleStreets to provide the highest possible quality cycle routing, to give people trust in routes they plan. We've heard from many users how our routing is helping them give the confidence to use a bike for their journeys, and from people who've discovered cut-throughs and safer, easier routes for their existing journeys. […]

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Cycle campaign toolkit – comments sought

As we announced recently, CycleStreets is one of the winners of the GeoVation contest, with our bid for a comprehensive online campaigning toolkit to assist cycle campaign groups around the UK. The first phase of this project is finalising a specification for the toolkit. Here is the description of what it will do. This outlines what the toolkit will […]

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CycleStreets iPhone app – new version now out

We're pleased to announce the launch of our updated iPhone app – version 1.5. So what's new? Well, it's mainly a tidy-up release (looks prettier!) with a few new features. We've also been getting the app ready so we can add new stuff next. The itinerary shows route summary details – a much-requested feature Addition […]

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New promotional flyers available

We've got some great new promotional flyers done! They're in a z-fold format. To order some, just use the order form. Thanks to Ayesha Garrett who has, yet again, done some great design work for us and who is a real pleasure to work with. Thanks also to Frederik Ramm, whose great OSM leaflets provided inspiration […]

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