Interested in talking about your use of CycleStreets?

Fancy taking in an exciting new research project? Interested in talking about your motivations and experiences of using CycleStreets? The Ideas in Transit Project at the University of the West of England Bristol is working with CycleStreets to investigate how and why people use CycleStreets and what they think about it. They are searching for […]

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CycleStreets – review of the year

Today is our second birthday – CycleStreets was launched on 20th March 2009. The last year has seen a huge amount of development work, leading to new features, speed improvements, and more. However, the next six months will be even busier as the project really ramps up! In the first year, CycleStreets planned 67,000 routes. […]

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Journey planning limit increased to 200 miles

We're pleased to announce that the journey planning limit has been doubled to 200 miles (320km). This is well over a day's cycling! Mobile users should bear in mind that long journeys result in more data being sent over the wire so a slower response should be expected. The generation of the route and its metadata […]

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Guest Post: Bike Hub cycle satnav for Android

The UK Bike Hub levy released a free iPhone bicycle journey planning app in October, using CycleStreets routing. This was later upgraded to become the world's first vibrate & voice cycle satnav. Bike Hub funds have now enabled the creation of an app for Android phones. This is also free, paid for by UK bicycle suppliers and […]

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Journey planner for West Sussex County Council

We're pleased to announce the launch a customised cycle journey planner for West Sussex County Council! We hope that this will be the first of many Local Authority sites based on CycleStreets (and thus OpenStreetMap), although quite a number already have links to our main site. Read more about the services we can offer […]

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