CycleStreets plans its half-millionth route

Today saw the 500,000th route planned on the system! Route 500,000 was planned by a user of the Bike Hub iPhone app, a cycle satnav/planner app with a handy bike shop finder. Their route was a half-hour journey from the King's Cross area to South Kensington, a distance of 4¼ miles. CycleStreets exists to help […]

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Helping campaigners campaign: our GeoVation challenge bid

Cycling in the Netherlands happens because of bike-friendly culture and excellent infrastructure. Let's face it – cycling conditions in the UK need to be improved massively. Cycle lanes that end unexpectedly, roads shared with lorries and traffic fumes, non-existent cycle parking. Any cyclist can give you a catalogue of problems that need tackling. The end result […]

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