CycleStreets discussed in Parliament

Friday 21st January 2011 saw a short Adjournment Debate in the House of Commons on the subject of "Cycling in England". A question was raised as to the government's support for use of tax money (£2.4 million) on the TransportDirect cycle journey planner when CycleStreets (£28.1k spent) already exists. This debate on cycling was secured by […]

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Routing quality work

Here's a view of the latest work in progress to improve the quality of the routes offered. It shows the routemaster's view of the cycling network of South London. The screenshot is from one of a range of back-end tools which help us work on the complex task of debugging the routing engine. The yellow […]

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Integrated map editor now available

Thanks to the brilliant work of Andy Allan, Richard Fairhurst, Tom Hughes, Dave Stubbs, Matt Amos and others, who have worked on OpenStreetMap's new 'Potlatch 2' editor, we've now been able to add an integrated data editor to the CycleStreets site. Just go to and you can fix up and add map data directly! We'll be customising the installation […]

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Routing engine work in progress

Over the last month or two we've been working heavily to rewrite the way the system imports and interprets OpenStreetMap data. This work is intended mainly to make the system give better routes, but also to make things clearer for OpenStreetMap mappers as to how we interpret the data, as well as make the code […]

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CycleStreets: Our Story – presentation to Net2Camb event

We really enjoyed the January Net2Camb Meetup event, where one of our lead developers, Martin, gave a talk 'Our Story'. Thanks to Claire for organising the event and everyone who came! It was particularly enjoyable as it was a rare opportunity to talk about the business and competition aspects of CycleStreets, about the challenges we face, […]

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Design/usability improvements

Over the last month or so we've rolled out a range of usability-orientated design improvements to the Journey Planner and the Photomap. We'd like to do much more, but funding has not yet permitted this (see our funding drive). These improvements complete the areas covered by our Sustainable City Grant, which funded a range of improvements […]

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Run a listings site? Add automatic ‘Cycle there’ links!

Plings is a great site helping young people (13-19 yr olds) discover amazing activities and inspiration. They've added a great new feature to their site, which adds automatic but customised 'Cycle there' links to every one of their listings! (And of course, young people are exactly the kind of people we want to see getting […]

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A year of photos from CycleStreets

CycleStreets, the cycle journey planning people, will this year be publishing a photo a day – from the CycleStreets Photomap containing over 25,000 cycling-related photos submitted by our users. Either by checking the front page of the site, or by following the @CycleStreets channel on Twitter, people will get our selection of the best photo […]

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