We've added a mini-feature to our website and mobile apps that some regular train-using cyclists may find useful.

You can now enter train station codes (e.g. KGX for King's Cross) in the search box, and the location of that station will be found. It just avoids lots more typing, and is useful if you use particular stations regularly.

We've been able to do this thanks to a dataset on Scraperwiki.

Also works in our mobile apps

This works in our apps for iPhone, Android and mobile web:


In fact, any app using our geocoder API, such as Bike Hub will pick this up too.

Preset URL formats also supported

You can also enter these in our preset ("plan a journey to..") URLs too.

For instance, http://www.cyclestreets.net/journey/to/kgx/ will set King's Cross as the destination point.

Or http://www.cyclestreets.net/journey/kgx/wat/ would set the points for King's Cross to Waterloo.

You can read about the many preset URL formats we've set up, which cover postcodes and more.

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