Space for Cycling – your infrastructure photos mapped

CTC, the national cycling charity, has launched a new cycling infrastructure map to help communicate what makes good conditions for cycling and where improvements need to be made. CTC have linked up with CycleStreets to ensure these locations are also saved to the CycleStreets Photomap. Chris Peck, CTC, explains this new initiative. What is the […]

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Beds for Cyclists on the Move

Beds for Cyclists, the UK’s cycle friendly accommodation community, has teamed up with us to offer cyclists on the move cycle-friendly accommodation information on their mobiles. Cyclists can now find cycle-friendly hosts on the CycleStreets app and Bike Hub cycle journey planner apps. Beds for Cyclists is the UK’s cycle friendly accommodation community created by cyclists […]

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“CycleStreets: our story” – Green Enterprise talk, Monday 28th, Cambridge

We’re giving a talk to Green Enterprise, in Cambridge, today (Monday 28th January 2013). Themes covered in the talk will include: Who we are What we provide A bit about how the journey planner works OpenStreetMap and data collection Volunteer data collection Open-sourcing Funding Competition Big projects Challenges for the future Do come! Full details […]

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London Cyclist magazine features OpenStreetMap & CycleStreets

We’ve contributed a two-page article to London Cycling Campaign‘s London Cyclist magazine – sent to all its members – on OpenStreetMap. (Do join LCC if you cycle in London!) The article introduces the LCC journey planner that we created for them, and talks about how it uses OpenStreetMap, a project that cyclists can contribute to. The […]

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England Cycling Data project

The England Cycling Data project aims to incorporate open data on cycling infrastructure released by the UK’s Department for Transport into OpenStreetMap. We’ve started taking account of a greater range of information about cycle routes in OpenStreetMap (the project from which our routing is created). In particular, taking account of surface quality, barriers, traffic calming, and lighting […]

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2 million cycle journeys planned with CycleStreets

Last night CycleStreets broke through the 2 million journeys planned threshold. Thanks to all our users, who we hope we provide a useful service to, and to everyone who has helped in any way or donated to the project! Thanks especially to everyone who has added data to OpenStreetMap. It’s a great data source, and […]

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Detailed cycling attribute data for better cycle routing

We're aiming with CycleStreets to provide the highest possible quality cycle routing, to give people trust in routes they plan. We've heard from many users how our routing is helping them give the confidence to use a bike for their journeys, and from people who've discovered cut-throughs and safer, easier routes for their existing journeys. […]

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CycleStreets – review of the year

Today is our second birthday – CycleStreets was launched on 20th March 2009. The last year has seen a huge amount of development work, leading to new features, speed improvements, and more. However, the next six months will be even busier as the project really ramps up! In the first year, CycleStreets planned 67,000 routes. […]

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