We’re pleased to announce the availability of a new brochure that we’ve done for Cycling Scotland, aimed at motivating people to get mapping for OpenStreetMap.

Cycle mapping for cycle routing with OpenStreetMap – the new community mapping guide – explains how you can get involved.

Cycling Scotland is the national cycle promotion organisation for Scotland, working to establish cycling as an acceptable, attractive and practical lifestyle option. We’ve been working with Cycling Scotland to improve cycle journey planning in Scotland. The new mapping guide is part of their Community Cycle Mapping project to encourage improved cycling information in OpenStreetMap to help people get on their bikes.

(Although it’s been created primarily for use in Scotland, the principles and details in it apply elsewhere too.)

The Guide has been written by Andy Allan, who has been contracting for us on a few projects recently, with additional contributions by Martin from CycleStreets. Ayesha Garrett did the design work and has, once again, done a superb job. Thanks to both of them!




8 thoughts to “OpenStreetMap community mapping guide – for Cycling Scotland

  • Rob

    Good work everyone.

    I note a small discrepancy in the ‘Advanced Attributes’ page, whereby maxspeed should be ’30 mph’ in the UK, as 30 on it’s own is generally interpreted to be in kph.

  • Martin

    Thanks for flagging that up – will get that fixed as soon as we can. (My fault – not Andy’s!)

  • Martin

    This is now corrected – thanks for pointing it out!

  • erik

    On page 11 there is a picture with “surface=gravel” but on the next page one can read “if it is gravel use surface=compacted”, which would be the correct surface type referring to the comment on http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:surface and looking at the picture on page 11.

  • Vincèn

    Thanks a lot for that great guide, will use it for cycling way around my area here in Grenoble, France ;)

  • Julien

    Hi !

    Is it possible to get the sources of this guide to translate it in French (and many other languages…)
    Julien Fastré

    • Martin

      Yes, could you e-mail us via the details on our contact page and we can sort it out?

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