We’ve contributed a two-page article to London Cycling Campaign‘s London Cyclist magazine – sent to all its members – on OpenStreetMap. (Do join LCC if you cycle in London!)

The article introduces the LCC journey planner that we created for them, and talks about how it uses OpenStreetMap, a project that cyclists can contribute to.

The article also includes a box about the England Cycling Data project.

Thanks to LCC for this great publicity for OSM, and thanks to Shaun, Andy and Harry who had a look over the drafts for us!


One thought to “London Cyclist magazine features OpenStreetMap & CycleStreets”

  • Phil

    When cycle streets launched I thought I’d see what route it would come up with for my regular commute. It picked a better choice for the start and so I changed my route. Much of the rest was the same as I’d already worked out. I then looked at the end bit near my office. I was surprised to see it take my shortcut through a park, how did it know about that? A few days later I was editing open cycle map, and I twigged. I’d added that shortcut to OSM a few months back. So if you’re not already an editor then get an account. I love seeing my cycling edits appear, and get used by the cycle street route planner.

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