We're pleased to announce the launch of our updated iPhone app – version 1.5.

So what's new? Well, it's mainly a tidy-up release (looks prettier!) with a few new features. We've also been getting the app ready so we can add new stuff next.

  • The itinerary shows route summary details – a much-requested feature
  • Addition of Shortest route as new route type – for those who like hills (since this mode ignores hills!)
  • Fewer geolocation requests, so battery lasts longer
  • Nice new icons throughout (thanks to designer Jamie)
  • New settings page
  • Various screens redesigned
  • Tidier interface for planning
  • Tile refreshing more frequent, to avoid stale map images
  • Clearer 'Start' and 'Finish' markers
  • Confirmation dialog when setting a marker
  • Various bug fixes
  • Code rewrites to enable future new features

Download the updated version from the App Store, and please do review the app!

This release has been the hard work of Neil Edwards, who also wrote the great Red Nose Day app earlier this year. Neil's contribution to the CycleStreets project has been tremendous, and his changes set the scene for future improvements.

The top priority feature for our next release will be the ability to switch directly between different route types, e.g. change to fastest route having planned the quietest route. We've added this to our other apps for Android and mobile web (under testing).

If you'd be interested to help develop the code, please do get in touch! Here are the features we'd like to add – can you help?


The itinerary screen is now a bit more helpful, with the route summary shown and walking bits more obvious:


We love Jamie's new icons for the Photomap (which have also been used in our other apps)! :

Settings and saved routes are also improved – and you can see that Shortest route is a new option now available (though in practice the routes are not as usable, since it's not a very clever form of routing – it really is just the shortest route!) :


7 thoughts to “CycleStreets iPhone app – new version now out

  • Ed

    Good update. I'm looking forward to replainning the route with a different route type.
    I'd also be interested in a 'replan route from current location' – that plans the route you last planned, but starting from where you are now. Useful if you go off the route but are still trying to get to the same place.
    The itinerary view seems a bit cramped now – do we actually need the route id at the top – what is it actually useful for?
    I've had a route that made me carry my bike down two long fights of steps – can such things be avoided?
    Also, what about supporting boris bikes in some form?

  • Ed

    Further to my previous comment: here's a route that the quietest route suggests going down steps: http://www.cyclestreets.net/journey/891693/
    I'm sure a few steps are absolutely fine for many people, but for many people (especially people who might want a quiet route, such as those who aren't competent cyclists), carrying a bike down 30 steps is not a sensible suggestion.

  • Martin

    Thanks for the feedback. I see you've discovered why it's useful to have the route ID – so you can load it on the main website too. Could you click on 'Feedback' and give details of the steps bit, so we can look into that routing problem?

    The other ideas are all things we'd like to get in, and several are in the Android version already so the iPhone will hopefully follow soon.

  • Paul Johnson

    When will this be available for the Android?  And in the US?

  • CycleStreets

    Paul: Click on 'Mobile' then the Android link for our Android app. Or here's the direct link: https://market.android.com/details?id=net.cyclestreets

    We'd like to expand outside the UK but funding is the limitation as it needs more serious levels of hardware.

  • Ed

    On that route I linked earlier: http://www.cyclestreets.net/journey/891693/
    The Fastest route takes Black Friars Lane – which is a signed cycle route, which only bikes can use (for most of it). It seems odd that this isn't preferred for the balanced route, which instead takes the much busier roads and traffic lights.
    Also, commenting on this blog is impossible on the iPhone – you can't type in this field.

    • Martin


      I’ve submitted your feedback to the feedback team who review route problems. If you the load up route on the website (e.g. by entering the route number in the box in the top-right), and then click on ‘Feedback’, that will get through to them.

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