As previously posted, we’re going to have a Developer Day. The date has been set as 6th March, as that seemed to be the date that most people can do, and it gives us a little bit more time for preparation.

We’re not sure we’ve got everyone’s e-mail who plans to come, so please do drop us a line to confirm, if possible.

The venue is likely to be Simon’s house, 100 Thoday Street, Cambridge [plan journey there]. We plan to start at 11am, with eggy bread served from 10.30am for breakfast, and a pizza lunch will be provided. There is of course a nearby pub for afterwards :)

(If there are too many people (which is of course no bad thing!) we might go to CB2 or another venue we have in mind instead.)

We’ll have more info nearer the day, but we wanted to confirm the date now for diaries.

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