Cyclescape website redesign coming soon

Cross-posted from our Cyclescape blog: Over the last five years, we’ve received lots of feedback about our Cyclescape website, which started in 2012, as well as much experience ourselves as users. As a result of funding from our new project StreetFocus, we’re pleased to announce that we will shortly be starting work on a full-scale redesign […]

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Beautiful new galleries page unveiled

We are pleased to unveil the new Galleries front page, which brings your beautiful photos and content to the front and centre. Galleries is a really neat feature to group cycling-related media for presentation or campaigning. There is also a lot more flexibility available while adding a new gallery – you can now navigate away from the […]

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The CycleStreets logo – a bit of history

Our mobile team has been working on updates to our apps recently, and we’ve been working with our designer Ayesha on a modernised icon for the Windows Phone and iPhone apps. During the discussion, Simon (our lead developer) gave a bit of history about the CycleStreets logo, which we thought would be interesting to share. “I can claim to be the […]

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Design/usability improvements

Over the last month or so we've rolled out a range of usability-orientated design improvements to the Journey Planner and the Photomap. We'd like to do much more, but funding has not yet permitted this (see our funding drive). These improvements complete the areas covered by our Sustainable City Grant, which funded a range of improvements […]

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