Beds for Cyclists, the UK’s cycle friendly accommodation community, has teamed up with us to offer cyclists on the move cycle-friendly accommodation information on their mobiles. Cyclists can now find cycle-friendly hosts on the CycleStreets app and Bike Hub cycle journey planner apps.

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Beds For Cyclists

Beds for Cyclists is the UK’s cycle friendly accommodation community created by cyclists for cyclists. It’s a fantastic resource for cyclists, and to have this information at your finger tips when you’re out on the bike is going to help a lot of tired riders find a good place to stay.

Both apps use the same OpenStreetMap data to provide the best cycle journey planner facility on the market. The A to B route planners offer three different routes; the Fastest, Balanced and the Quietest Route, giving riders of different experience a chance to find a route that suits them.

Sam Howard – Beds for Cyclists Marketing Director said “I’ve been using and recommending these route planning apps for years and have yet to find an app that tops them. I am delighted to combine the accommodation information we offer with the cycle route app market leaders.”

Carlton Reid – Bike Hub Editor said “It’s great to see innovative uses of the cycle satnavs available in the UK. The Bike Hub app already directs users to bike shops and now people can use the app to locate bike-friendly accommodation.”

Beds for Cyclists has also been utilising this journey planning software. Each cycle-friendly host now features a journey planner directly to their door powered by the CycleStreets journey planner. This allows users to plan route from any location to the cycle friendly host’s door with a few clicks.

Beds for Cyclists’ hosts also now have local cycle hire providers shown on their profiles. In partnership with Cycle Hire Info the three closest cycle hire centres within 20 miles are listed on the host’s profiles. It is notoriously difficult in the UK to travel on public transport with bikes and this will overcome that dilemma for many people wanting to have a cycling holiday. Beili Neuadd B&B and bunk house shows off these new features very nicely.

Sam Howard said “We want all sorts of cyclists to use the site and adding cycle hire providers allows people that aren’t too fussed about riding their beloved bike to get away and be able to cycle too. We’re always keen to support those encouraging cycling and cycle hire providers play an understated role in that.”

With the world’s biggest bike race underway and the cycle season in full swing, Beds for Cyclists is pedalling at full pelt to help others get away this summer on their bikes.

Beds For Cyclists

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