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We can create ‘white label’ sites which blend our journey planner seamlessly into your website, for a small fee.

We’ve created such sites for a range of organisations as our new webpage about this service outlines.

These sites are a great way to promote cycling in a Local Authority area or for a business. (They do not include the Photomap aspect of our system, to avoid liability issues.)

These sites can include:

  • Quick links to particular towns/cities in your area (or perhaps employment sites for a company)
  • ‘Cycle to us’ links so that the start/destination point for a journey can be pre-set
  • Extra option: Points of Interest (e.g. bike shop locations, cycle parking, etc.)

We can also include our leisure routing mode, or undertake customisation work.

Read full details on our White label sites page.

West Sussex cycle journey planner   Demo site: 'Placeford'

Bike Week cycle journey planner   Cycling Scotland cycle journey planner

Moving Somerset Forward cycle journey planner   PleaseCycle journey planner

Spogo cycle journey planner   Bike Hub cycle journey planner

LCC cycle journey planner   CTC cycle journey planner

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