We're about to publish a new glossy brochure to be sent to every local council in England (and soon Wales, Scotland, NI) to encourage them to link to CycleStreets or to create customised versions of the site.

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For this, we need your help!

We've set up a webpage where the cycling/transport department's contact details for each local Council in the UK can be entered.

Simply go to the page, and choose a local Council. On the page you'll find a Google search link which will help you find the details more easily. Find the address and other contacts, and enter them into our form. Each Council should only take a few minutes to do, so with this 'crowdsourcing' effort, we can get all the data easily.

Please help us now by going to www.cyclestreets.net/localauthorities/contacts/ and getting started! Thanks for your help.

Our brochure will be online soon, but here's a taster of the cover…

Local Authorities brochure

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