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We’ve just had a feedback posting asking how a bike shop can be added to the map. Anyone can add data to OpenStreetMap. Having just replied to the user, I thought it would be useful to turn the reply into a blog entry.

If you have an iPhone, the simplest way to add locations like bike shops is to use the MapZen POI Collector app.

Alternatively, you can have a go adding it yourself via a web browser! Just follow these steps:

1. Go to the OpenStreetMap website.

2. Create a free account (top-right).

3. Scroll the map to the place where the bike shop is, and click on ‘Edit’ near the top. Use ‘Edit with save’, which means you won’t accidentally cause a problem.

4. Double-click the point where the shop is, and a green dot will show.

5. Click on the + symbol in the bottom right

6. Type in ‘shop’ and ‘bicycle’ in the bottom-left boxes.

7. Then click on ‘save’ and it will be done.

It will then be shown on the map within CycleStreets in a week or so, when OpenCycleMap (whose map pictures we use) imports the new locations.

A fuller guide to editing, including videos, is available.

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