Eureka moment: the bacterial (amoeba) algorithm

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We’re planning to hold a Developer Day soon.

We’ve had various kind expressions of interest from people wanting to get involved at a more technical level, either in terms of programming or the OpenStreetMap-related aspects, and we thought this would be a good way of helping that process along.

It will be held in Cambridge and probably on a Friday or Saturday in March/April, if not sooner.

The sorts of things we hope to cover are:

  • Overview of the CycleStreets architecture – explaining the way the system works, and what its limitations and strengths are. (We’ll expand heavily on the stuff that’s in this introductory FAQ.)
  • Improving the translation from OSM data to CycleStreets (and how it works).
  • The feedback system and its feeding-through to OpenStreetMap data.
  • Plans for open-sourcing.
  • Mobile phone interface(s).
  • Getting more funding!
  • Whatever people want to talk about.

If you’re interested, do drop us a line. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of pizza!


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