Interested in sharing your views and experiences of CycleStreets and other web-based travel information?

The Ideas in Transit Project at the University of the West of England Bristol is working with CycleStreets to investigate people’s use of CycleStreets and other web-based travel information. The project is looking at the ways in which people use technologies during and to organise travel – particularly where they do so creatively and to solve particular transport challenges they face.

We’d love to hear from you, and there is a chance to win £100 for completing the survey.

Please follow the following link to give your views…

2 thoughts to “Ideas In Transit survey on CycleStreets

  • Adrian Juffs

    Hi. Just completed the ‘Ideas in Transit’ survey – good idea. Was surprised though that it didn’t seem to cover why you access cyclestreets from your current medium (eg desktop pc) or how you would actually prefer (or find more useful) to access it (eg notepad). I use a Blackberry Torch 9800 (os 6.0 v6.0.0.600) and was keen to use the cyclestreets blackberry mobile app as soon as it was available … have kept trying it since, but it’s too flaky ie mostly doesn’t work (eg doesn’t respond, drops formatting, stalls) and the bits that do are slow (compared to say googlemaps). Really frustrating as I suspect i’d use it on my mobile almost daily. Realise that apps will probably be developed for the devices with the largest user bases (iphone i guess … but there are lots of blackberry users too) but worth cyclestreets also considering who is using what eg i understand that pretty much the whole of the nottingham city police force all have blackberrys (and they’re on foot, on cycles and in cars).

  • Martin


    Sorry to hear the site isn’t quite working well for you on Blackberry yet.

    We think that OS6 doesn’t have the necessary abilities to do scrolling maps. When using gmaps on it, are you able to touch the map and scroll it around? We believe that on Blackberry only OS7 supports that.

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