We're pleased to announce the launch of a major new section of our website:
Points of interest that you can click on to view and select for your journey.

Points of interest

We've integrated OpenStreetMap location data so that you can now click on points on the map. Just go to our journey planner tab and you can use the presets like bike shops, cafés, pubs, and many more.

(Mobile app developers: This data is also available through our API – see below.)

For instance, stations:

If you select a point, it is clickable. A Google Street View picture of the location will be shown, if it's a roadside location:

There's a link in the popup to the place's website if it has one.

There are lots of different POI types available:

You can browse locations anywhere the UK, for instance to find these independent bike shops in London:

Please add locations to the map!

If a place you know of doesn't appear in the map, please contribute your knowledge to OpenStreetMap by using the Edit section of our website. Warning: it can be quite addictive!

Or perhaps no-one's added a location's website yet? Click on the 'add it' link in the popup shown above. Follow the link, click on the icon, click on 'Advanced' and then enter 'website' on the left and the URL on the right, and click Save. You'll need to create an OpenStreetMap account if you don't have one already.

You must not copy things from other people's maps, however – additions and edits must be based on your local knowledge of an area.


This data is now all available through our API so that it can be integrated into your cycle routing app.

For full details, see our API documentation.

(We hope to have this functionality in our own apps shortly. If you can help patch it in, please branch our app repo and pitch in!)

4 thoughts to “New section: Points of interest, UK-wide, easily browsable

  • Matt Williams

    Very cool feature. It makes setting end points much easier. However, it doesn't seem to include POIs defined as areas. For example node 100705692 is (as far as I know) tagged correctly but it doesn't show up at cyclestreets.net/journey/places/conveniencestores

  • dave

    The railway stations near me all seem to be randomly offset a few hundred meters from the real location. You can see the (correct) OSM data marked by a non-clickable black icon or red dot at lower zooms, and there will be a nearby, clickable blue icon. The postboxes, on the other hand, seem to be bang on.

  • Paul Lowe

    Could a POI categorys be added for yha hostels and campsites.  YHA hostels are already sometimes listed but not consistently as are campsites.  For thos of us interested in cycle touring and camping this would be a really useful feature.
    I am sorry i do not have the time to add all these tings to openstreet map

  • Martin

    Youth hostels and campsites have been added into the configuration so will start to appear on the website and apps shortly.

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