We've got some great new promotional flyers done! They're in a z-fold format.

To order some, just use the order form.

Thanks to Ayesha Garrett who has, yet again, done some great design work for us and who is a real pleasure to work with. Thanks also to Frederik Ramm, whose great OSM leaflets provided inspiration for the format, and Shaun for the idea.



2 thoughts to “New promotional flyers available

  • Aaron Jones

    Hey Guys,
    As well as co-running a cycle group called Scenic Cyclists, I am also involved with Transition Worcester, a sustainability group tasked with trying to get less cars on the road in and around Worcester.  One of the things we thought could really help cyclists was an interactive map where you put in a postcode and a safe route is calculated for you using cycle ways and other quite roads.
    One of our team found your site yesterday and we have been looking at it since.  What can we in Worcester do to help you promote this, improve it, and so fourth?  It would be really good if the map part were insertable, like google maps can be placed inside a website.  We could then put it in Scenic Cyclists and Transition Worcester websites straight away, and could look at getting it into local Council websites as well.
    We would welcome any contact from yourselves, just tell us what you need, and how we can help you to help us?

  • Martin

    Hi Aaron,

    Have a look at these pages:

    Worcester-specific version of the site: http://worcester.cyclestreets.net/

    Methods of embedding the site in another: http://worcester.cyclestreets.net/help/embedding/

    Getting involved in various ways: http://worcester.cyclestreets.net/getinvolved/ , including the mapping section: http://www.cyclestreets.net/getmapping/ and adding info to the map: http://www.cyclestreets.net/edit/

    Brochure for Councils: http://www.cyclestreets.net/localauthorities/

    Have a look through, and do drop us an e-mail afterwards – see the feedback page.


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