We've added a few new features to our www.LondonCycleHire.org website, a version of the journey planner that includes the Barclays Cycle Hire ('Boris-bike') points.

We've added live availability data, thanks to TfL's new data feed – thanks TfL for making this data open! (Disclaimer: as a third-party site, it is not endorsed by TfL).

We've also added Street View images from Google so you can familiarise yourself with the area before making a trip.

The popup links for each location enable you to 'Choose this point' as a start or finish location.

And as with our main website, you get a choice of directions and photos-en-route, brilliantly detailed data from OpenStreetMap, plus other features.

Check out www.LondonCycleHire.org for your next borisbike journey!

London Cycle Hire website

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