Thanks to the brilliant work of Andy Allan, Richard Fairhurst, Tom Hughes, Dave Stubbs, Matt Amos and others, who have worked on OpenStreetMap's new 'Potlatch 2' editor, we've now been able to add an integrated data editor to the CycleStreets site.

Just go to and you can fix up and add map data directly!

We'll be customising the installation and integrating it more with existing pages and tools within the CycleStreets website in coming weeks.

Editing example

Changes you make to the data go into the OpenStreetMap database directly. We then import that data every week or so.

(In other words, changes you make via our editing page don't reflect the routing immediately, but take up to a week. We're working to reduce that down, ideally towards a daily import now that we have more powerful server hardware thanks to your donations and some grants!)

Editor main screen

The work to integrate Potlatch 2 into the site was extremely easy – it's clear that Andy et al have worked very hard to make that as simple as possible. (In fact, it was refreshing to find that integrating an external piece of software was straightforward rather than the usual problematic task it can often be!)

We'd also like to thank Tom Chance, whose excellent introductory guides we adapted, with his kind permission.

Editing guide

For The Win!

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