We really enjoyed the January Net2Camb Meetup event, where one of our lead developers, Martin, gave a talk 'Our Story'. Thanks to Claire for organising the event and everyone who came!

It was particularly enjoyable as it was a rare opportunity to talk about the business and competition aspects of CycleStreets, about the challenges we face, and the future opportunities for the project.

We were also pleased that a couple of people came forward as new volunteers!

Here is our presentation [link]:





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3 thoughts to “CycleStreets: Our Story – presentation to Net2Camb event

  • Claire Sale

    It was such a great talk! Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us. I like slide 32, but 44 is pretty powerful too! Hope you get all the help you need!

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  • Peter Miller

    Nice talk. I do wonder when the DfT are going to get on board with this one. It can only a matter of time given that their approach isn't going to get any cheaper and you are not about to diappear! As you say you are 'Big Society compliant' and your interface and functionality is already so much higher.

    And then of course OSM data itself is getting better very fast indeed – Our stas show that 140,000 named roads matching data in the OS Open dataset has been added in the past 9 months with many places close to 100%. 33 Districts are over 95% in agreement with OS Locator for road names and 128 have more than 80% agreement at the road level. Then of course there is all the content which is not in the OS data at all such as pubs and paths.Check out this page for stats for each district in GB.

    We have recently work with a local councillor for Stowmarket (a small town of 20,000 people) and using OS Streetview, OS Locator and Bing aerial it has only taken a matter of days to get pretty much all the paths, schools, parks etc into OpenStreetMap (in addition to the roads that were already there).

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