We were delighted to discover today that CycleStreets is featured as the default front page item on the government's relaunched data.gov.uk website!

CycleStreets uses four main open datasets:

  • OpenStreetMap, consisting of data collected by people all around the UK to make a brilliant and versatile map dataset (this is not a government dataset though!)
  • OS Code-Point Open, the Ordnance Survey's dataset of all the millions of postcodes around the UK
  • SRTM, the NASA dataset which has the heights of every location on the earth, enabling us to take hills/descents into account
  • We also use the free OS boundary data for some new uses gradually being unveiled

We're really pleased to see the work of thousands of cyclists and others around the UK recognised through this feature.

As one commenter on the data.gov.uk website notes, however:

"It would be good if CycleStreets got UK Government money/co-operation."

We are continuing to try to obtain funding as part of our new Funding drive, to raise £90k to facilitate much faster development of CycleStreets over the coming 18 months.

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