We've received several enquiries from Local Authorities recently about using CycleStreets in some way.

We're busy creating a set of pages, including a demo site, for Local Authorities to explain various options available to them, including:

  • Hosted versions of CycleStreets within the Council house style
  • Simply linking to us (which of course is free, and will always remain so!)
  • Customised routing modes, perhaps emphasising particular routes
  • Websites to obtain information from the public about where new cycle parking and other infrastructure is needed (e.g. cyclingsorted.org)
  • Use within multi-modal journey planners

We hope to have these pages available soon. (We're a little behind schedule on this due to booked holidays at a time of finishing off a number of grant-funded/consultancy projects.)

CycleStreets' use of open data, in the form of the excellent OpenStreetMap is, we feel, very much in line with the government's objectives: low-cost, use of open data, and good embeddedness with the community.

The information we're assembling will also explain about getting Local Authority routes into OpenStreetMap (OSM), so that they appear on the OSM cartographic maps as well as used within the routing. There are various resources on the OpenStreetMap Wiki which we want to pull together in a format more suitable to the specific needs of Local Authorities. Issues relating to compatibility with Ordnance Survey data will be covered also.

In the meanwhile, we encourage Local Authorities to link to their area's version of CycleStreets, as others are now doing.

Please drop us a line if you'd like us to notify when the new information is available.

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