This summer has been ridiculous busy for us. We've had a large number of projects, which has felt a little overwhelming at times!

Simon is our 'routemaster', and he's been working solidly over recent months on a range of improvements to the journey planning engine:

  • Main focus has been speeding up the routing engine performance. Thanks to the generous grant from the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund, Simon has been able to dedicate a lot more time than usual on this aspect, such that the system is now fast enough and scalable for mobile usage with a lot more traffic. We're finishing off a final improvement to reduce the response time further.
  • Working on improving the translation from OpenStreetMap (OSM) into our optimised routing network format (codename 'Cello');
  • Working to fix the 'ferry routing bug' (where routes in London sometimes end up using the Thames ferries rather than cycling!);
  • Reducing wigglyness of routes – which is becoming our main focus as the performance work is concluded;
  • Speeding up the import time so that we can reflect changes in OSM more quickly. (We're a little way off 'live routing' but that's our ultimate aim!);
  • Simon will then be moving on to supporting more advanced data types in OpenStreetMap.

Martin, who tends to deal with usability, code structure and the project management side of CycleStreets, has been working on a range of things:

  • A problem-reporting system for Cambridge, – which has just been launched and which we'll blog about soon
  • Managing mobile app development, with our iPhone app about to be released (and Android offerings hopefully very soon after – thanks to our volunteers working on that!)
  • Starting work on a mobile HTML version of the site … stay tuned!
  • New interfaces that use the same database, e.g. and others (watch out for blog posts on this soon)
  • Working on adding bikeshop data views to the system
  • Reworking the Photomap interfaces (thanks to funding from Sustainable City)
  • Work which will enable the map size to be increased and related interfaces improved (ditto)
  • Adding new functions to our API (used by mobile and other developers)
  • A large amount of cleaning up the code behind-the-scenes. Over time, the codebase has had structural problems which has meant adding new functionality and design changes had become too time-consuming. Much of this is now done, but you won't have noticed any changes – other than (hopefully) things appearing faster! This has really been the enabling work for a lot of other projects.
  • A London-based project to deal with the cycle parking deficit across the city, to be announced shortly!
  • Information for Local Authorities
  • Grant funding applications (we could definitely do with a fundraiser still!)
  • Shortly starting work on a better feedback interface to make this area and map-based rather than table-based.

We've obviously also other voluneers working on various areas including:

  • Working on the mobile versions
  • Responding to feedback
  • Bike-shop related things for OpenStreetMap, using data we brokered
  • Various outreach opportunities

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