Just a short blog post as we’ve been relatively quiet in the last few weeks!

Simon in particular has been knuckling down on some new core routing algorithm work which is set to speed up longer journeys in dense areas like London. We’ll blog on this soon, once a key bug has been squashed.

We’ve also been working to improve the backend feedback system so that it will be easier to get more local contacts on board. We’re working through quite a backlog of feedback and better management of this is a priority.

We also hope to be welcoming a few new members to our team shortly. This has highlighted the need for further improvements to the clarity of our code. We remain committed to open sourcing the code once auditing and reorganisation has been completed. With only 1.2 of us, and little funding, a larger team will be a great help.

Lastly, we’ve been putting the finishing touches for a new branded website front-end for Cambridgeshire County Council to enable members of the public to pinpoint locations where they’d like to see cycle parking created and obstructions removed, building on the Photomap code in CycleStreets. More news on this soon!

PS Great to see more Local Authorities starting to link to our journey planner, Edinburgh being the latest! We’re working on our Local Authority strategy as the routing engine matures and route quality is ramped up gradually.

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