Currently we’re finding that about 1% of users who plan a journey are leaving us feedback about their routes.

If the feedback comes directly from the route listing page, then that route is immediately marked as requiring our attention.

We try to look at the route as soon as possible alongside your comments. We then try to understand what is the problem (if any – as we do get quite a few compliments) with the route by classifying it into one of about 15 categories.

The main actions we can take following feedback are:

  1. Check the underlying map data to see if there are missing links. If there are we can inform the (OSM) project. We can usually fix simple things like mis-spelled street names quite quickly. If there is a missing link the fix won’t get into CycleStreets until a few days after a local OSM contributor has responded.
  2. Check how we translate the map data from the OSM project into our routing structures.
  3. Check whether the route published has shortcomings because of features we’ve yet to add to CycleStreets.
  4. Change some of the parameters of our routing engine to find a better route.

The diagnosis, once made, appears in the heading of the original route listing page, sometimes with a link to an alternative route.

If contact details have been provided we then usually write back to you explaining what we have done.

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