Cyclescape website redesign coming soon

Cross-posted from our Cyclescape blog: Over the last five years, we’ve received lots of feedback about our Cyclescape website, which started in 2012, as well as much experience ourselves as users. As a result of funding from our new project StreetFocus, we’re pleased to announce that we will shortly be starting work on a full-scale redesign […]

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Making data more usable by campaigners: our Outlandish Fellowship

We’re really pleased to announce that we’ve been selected for the Outlandish Fellowship to help local cycle campaigners by expanding our collisions data pages into a broader resource covering more types of data (e.g. traffic counts, pollution) and add lots of new ways to access it. Helping campaigners campaign Getting more people cycling brings a more sustainable and efficient transport […]

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New features added to Cyclescape

Lots of new features have been added to Cyclescape, our toolkit for cycling advocacy groups. Our developer, Nikolai, has been busy, working on piles of improvements and bugfixes. As featured on the Cyclescape blog, the latest updates include: Street View message replies: While it’s of course possible to navigate off-site, get a Street View link, […]

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Planning application integration now live

Cross-posted from the Cyclescape blog. We’re very excited to announce a major new feature on Cyclescape: integration of planning applications, which we pushed live last week after much work over the last 18 months. Cambridge Cycling Campaign is the group we’ve been testing this with and where the work has mainly been undertaken. The feature […]

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Cyclescape: More features in place

Cyclescape is the toolkit for cycle campaign groups that we’re developing. Here’s the latest update, cross-posted from the Cyclescape blog: Work is continuing apace with Cyclescape, with more features now in place as we work up to a wider release to Campaign groups around the country. There are still quite a number of unfinished areas, […]

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UK Collision Map – a new resource for the cycle campaigning community

We’re pleased to launch today a new resource for the cycling community: a browsable, searchable collision map with complete details of every reported road collision involving cyclists in the UK since 2005. This will also be integrated into our new campaigning toolkit being finalised, Cyclescape. Not only can you browse around the map, but […]

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Designer needed! – Cyclescape design brief

We are seeking a talented designer with strong user interface abilities to undertake design work for the new Cyclescape website. Timescales are tight. Cyclescape is to be a website (currently under construction) aimed at helping cycling groups around the UK. The work will involve the creation of an overall design concept, plus user interface templates […]

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What’s the Cyclescape of your city like?

We’re pleased to announce the name of our new cycle campaign group toolkit: Cyclescape We had over 70 suggestions (including some humorous ones), many of which were excellent ideas. It became clear that many of the best ideas started with Cycle, and we liked the idea that the name would be co-branded with CycleStreets, i.e. […]

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Cycle campaign toolkit – spec

We're pleased to publish an updated specification for the campaigner toolkit, following consultation with groups and including further changes. There's been lots of useful feedback submitted by e-mail, twitter, blog replies, and in meetings we've had. These comments were turned into about ten pages of bullet-points (165 points!) for working into the spec. Many of […]

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