Last day to vote to get OpenStreetMap-based CycleStreets some funding

If you have not already voted, and you want to support CycleStreets, please vote today to get CycleStreets some much-needed funding! Thank you to the very many people who have told us they’ve voted for us. Your votes are much appreciated! Also, check out our recently-added features page! Simon, lead developer for CycleStreets, has reached the […]

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CycleStreets: donations welcome!

At long last, we can now accept donations! Donations will help us develop new features, pay for new server equipment to increase the speed of the system, and to improve functionality by paying for non-Free data sources (e.g. the Postcode Address File – see blog posting to follow). In a month or so we’ll be […]

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Please help get CycleStreets some funding: vote for our Digital Hero!

We are pleased to announce that Simon, lead developer for CycleStreets, has reached the shortlist for the East Anglian section of the TalkTalk Digital Heroes Digital Heroes awards! If won, this would be worth £5,000 of much-needed funding for CycleStreets, an OpenStreetMap-based project. Please vote for Simon as our ‘Digital Hero’ if you like CycleStreets, and […]

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