CycleStreets – review of the year

Today is our second birthday – CycleStreets was launched on 20th March 2009. The last year has seen a huge amount of development work, leading to new features, speed improvements, and more. However, the next six months will be even busier as the project really ramps up! In the first year, CycleStreets planned 67,000 routes. […]

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Helping campaigners campaign: our GeoVation challenge bid

Cycling in the Netherlands happens because of bike-friendly culture and excellent infrastructure. Let's face it – cycling conditions in the UK need to be improved massively. Cycle lanes that end unexpectedly, roads shared with lorries and traffic fumes, non-existent cycle parking. Any cyclist can give you a catalogue of problems that need tackling. The end result […]

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CycleStreets discussed in Parliament

Friday 21st January 2011 saw a short Adjournment Debate in the House of Commons on the subject of "Cycling in England". A question was raised as to the government's support for use of tax money (£2.4 million) on the TransportDirect cycle journey planner when CycleStreets (£28.1k spent) already exists. This debate on cycling was secured by […]

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CycleStreets: Our Story – presentation to Net2Camb event

We really enjoyed the January Net2Camb Meetup event, where one of our lead developers, Martin, gave a talk 'Our Story'. Thanks to Claire for organising the event and everyone who came! It was particularly enjoyable as it was a rare opportunity to talk about the business and competition aspects of CycleStreets, about the challenges we face, […]

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Design/usability improvements

Over the last month or so we've rolled out a range of usability-orientated design improvements to the Journey Planner and the Photomap. We'd like to do much more, but funding has not yet permitted this (see our funding drive). These improvements complete the areas covered by our Sustainable City Grant, which funded a range of improvements […]

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Funding drive launched

CycleStreets is launching a funding drive to enable routing improvements and a large number of feature requests to be undertaken. Our key target is for £90k to enable funding to pay for two full-time development positions for 18 months, plus smaller miscellaneous funds. With this, we believe the project will then be self-sustaining. CycleStreets is set up on […]

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Digital Heroes vote – vote closing soon

Please vote for us, to help us get £5k of much-needed funding. To vote, just go to: and click on the voting button next to Simon, one of our main developers. Every penny would be used to improve the website to make it easier to use and produce better quality routes. Our users keep […]

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CycleStreets iPhone app now available!

The nearest thing to a SatNav for cycling is now available on your iPhone. Download it from the App Store now – for free! And it's free! Our OpenStreetMap-based routing, for cyclists by cyclists, is now available on the move, complete with full placefinder, tap-to-set and with turn-by-turn directions. Read all about it on our […]

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You can still vote for us!

Future Friendly have informed us that the voting deadline has been extended by a week, to 26th September, so if you've not yet voted, please do! This week is the last week to vote to get OpenStreetMap-based CycleStreets a bursary of £10,000 in the Future Friendly Awards! We're one 5 groups in the national finals. Such […]

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