“CycleStreets: our story” – Green Enterprise talk, Monday 28th, Cambridge

We’re giving a talk to Green Enterprise, in Cambridge, today (Monday 28th January 2013). Themes covered in the talk will include: Who we are What we provide A bit about how the journey planner works OpenStreetMap and data collection Volunteer data collection Open-sourcing Funding Competition Big projects Challenges for the future Do come! Full details […]

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Cycle journey planning in Scotland

Over the last year we’ve been pleased to work with Cycling Scotland on a range of projects, now all completed and outlined below. These projects, which have been achieved thanks to Cycling Scotland’s grant and funding of £22k, will help improve improve CycleStreets, to help people find their way and consider cycling as a practical option […]

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Upgraded hosting for CycleStreets (Technical post)

We’ve recently completed a switch over of the whole CycleStreets system to upgraded hosting. Our previous primary server has been extremely reliable and, having just checked, I find it has been up for 795 days, and has only been rebooted once in the last two-and-a-half years. The new primary server is needed to support expansion […]

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Detailed cycling attribute data for better cycle routing

We're aiming with CycleStreets to provide the highest possible quality cycle routing, to give people trust in routes they plan. We've heard from many users how our routing is helping them give the confidence to use a bike for their journeys, and from people who've discovered cut-throughs and safer, easier routes for their existing journeys. […]

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CycleStreets campaigner toolkit bid wins GeoVation contest!

We’re pleased to announce that our bid, for a comprehensive online campaigning toolkit to assist cycle campaign groups around the UK, is a winner in the GeoVation contest! It brings £27,000 for the development of a toolkit which, in the words of one supporter, should be “a hugely important step forward for all cycle campaigning groups”. Our […]

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Improving cycle journey planning in Scotland – with Cycling Scotland

We're pleased to announce that we are working with Cycling Scotland to enhance cycle journey planning in Scotland! Cycling Scotland, the organisation charged with getting more Scots on their bikes, runs a range of initiatives such as Bikeability Scotland, the freshnlo Pedal for Scotland bike ride, cycle instructor training and more. They are keen to […]

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Press release: CycleStreets’ cycling project to face Dragon’s Den -style contest

A Cambridge-based project to improve cycling around the Britain has reached the finals of a national funding contest, GeoVation, run by the Ordnance Survey. GeoVation aims to combine Geography and Innovation to help fund ideas which will help improve transport of various kinds. The bid by Cambridge-based CycleStreets, who run the UK-wide cycle journey planner […]

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