Beautiful new galleries page unveiled

We are pleased to unveil the new Galleries front page, which brings your beautiful photos and content to the front and centre. Galleries is a really neat feature to group cycling-related media for presentation or campaigning. There is also a lot more flexibility available while adding a new gallery – you can now navigate away from the […]

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CycleStreets Mobile web site judged “Best Application Design” by usability expert

We’re delighted that the CycleStreets Mobile web site has been judged one of the “Best Application Designs”, by renowned web usability guru, Jakob Nielsen! The mobile site was one of the winners in the Lightweight Applications category. You can read the report announcing the winners on his site, and a fuller downloadable report is available (for […]

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CycleStreets mobile web site launches

Today, we’re very pleased to announce the beta mobile web version of CycleStreets – written by me, project-managed by Martin, and funded by Cycling Scotland. Built in jQuery Mobile and HTML5, this extends CycleStreets’ mobile support beyond our well-received Android and iPhone apps to cover other platforms, including iPad and BlackBerry. Just like the […]

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Railway station codes in searches

We've added a mini-feature to our website and mobile apps that some regular train-using cyclists may find useful. You can now enter train station codes (e.g. KGX for King's Cross) in the search box, and the location of that station will be found. It just avoids lots more typing, and is useful if you use particular stations […]

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Journey planner for London Cycling Campaign’s new website

We've created a new customised journey planner for London Cycling Campaign. LCC are the leading cycling advocacy group in London. Their work over many years has really helped keep up the pressure to improve cycling conditions in London – so you should certainly join LCC! (LCC is in fact the first NGO that Martin joined.) Most […]

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London Cycle Hire website updated

We've added a few new features to our website, a version of the journey planner that includes the Barclays Cycle Hire ('Boris-bike') points. We've added live availability data, thanks to TfL's new data feed – thanks TfL for making this data open! (Disclaimer: as a third-party site, it is not endorsed by TfL). We've […]

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New ‘cycle to us’ links – techy work in progress

A techy post reporting on some work in progress, and seeking suggestions! … A while back we introduced various new URL formats like: which would allow someone at that postcode to put a link 'cycle here' on their website. This is designed so that the user needing to plan a journey would just follow […]

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CycleStreets – review of the year

Today is our second birthday – CycleStreets was launched on 20th March 2009. The last year has seen a huge amount of development work, leading to new features, speed improvements, and more. However, the next six months will be even busier as the project really ramps up! In the first year, CycleStreets planned 67,000 routes. […]

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CycleStreets: Our Story – presentation to Net2Camb event

We really enjoyed the January Net2Camb Meetup event, where one of our lead developers, Martin, gave a talk 'Our Story'. Thanks to Claire for organising the event and everyone who came! It was particularly enjoyable as it was a rare opportunity to talk about the business and competition aspects of CycleStreets, about the challenges we face, […]

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