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We’re pleased to announce that CycleStreets has just been awarded a grant of £1,000 from the Co-operative Community Fund, towards boosting our server capacity, which is great news.

We’d like to the thank the Co-op for their support.

This is a significant boost in our forthcoming efforts to scale up the system towards a full release, beyond the current beta, so that very many more new and existing cyclists can have the knowledge of good cycle routes. At present we have a single server which limits resilience.

At present, our main area of work is speeding up considerably the performance of the journey planner and reducing the wigglyness of some routes. Our recent Developer Day identified the way forward on this. Together with increased hosting resilience, we will be in a much stronger position to promote the system and to provide a more solid interface (our API) for forthcoming mobile apps.

Cambridge Sustainable City have also assisted towards our server fund in the grant they awarded us, which is also enormously helpful. Additionally our hosts, Mythic Beasts, kindly provide a mac mini server to host our code/project resources.

Once again, thanks Co-op members!

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