We’ve designed the Journey Planner to find practical, direct routes, mainly aimed at shorter urban journeys. But we’ve had a growing number of requests for longer or circular routes.

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The journey length is limited at the moment to help keep our website as responsive as possible (because long routes take up a lot of computing time). So, if you want to plan a route between A and B that are further apart than this limit you can use this tip: Choose an intermediate point, say C and plan your route from A to C. Then on the route listing for A to C choose the [return] option shown at the top of the page. This will take you to the journey planning page, but with points A and C swapped over, i.e. starting from C going to A. Click the ‘change’ link in the Going to box,and choose your final destination B and plan. This will produce the route from C to B.

When signed-in to the site you can  access all your planned routes under the ‘My Journeys’ link in the journey planner.

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