Our mobile team has been working on updates to our apps recently, and we’ve been working with our designer Ayesha on a modernised icon for the Windows Phone and iPhone apps.

During the discussion, Simon (our lead developer) gave a bit of history about the CycleStreets logo, which we thought would be interesting to share.

“I can claim to be the one who designed the CycleStreets logo itself.

It came out of a fairly intensive two weeks of trying out and sharing all sorts of designs with a few of us in early 2009. It was designed with GIMP software, and based on our earlier CamCycle logo with a road going off into the distance.

It took ages to get the curve right using the paths tool to control the splines, but the moment of magic occurred when I realised that the ponytail should become a scarf with the same shape as the road.”

CycleStreets has always been about practical cycling for everyday journeys, and we think the logo, featuring a bike with basket, rack and mudguards, reflects this.

CycleStreets logo

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