A Cambridge-based cycling project is in the running for the Future Friendly Award, a national environmental award, and needs votes from the public to win!

CycleStreets enables anyone to plan cycle routes at www.cyclestreets.net from A-B. The system gives three route choices: A quiet route, a fastest route, and a 'balanced' route which is intended to be happy medium between these two.

CycleStreets is one of five groups nationally that have been nominated for the Future Friendly Awards. The winner gets a bursary of £10,000 towards the project.

Simon Nuttall, one of the two creators of CycleStreets, said:

"Funding of £10,000 would make an enormous difference to our work. It would help us expand the project, add much-requested new features, make the system faster, and promote it much more widely. Everyone who cycles in Cambridge can benefit from using the CycleStreets website, so we hope that people will vote in the Future Friendly Awards for what is a Cambridge-based project."

Martin Lucas-Smith, the other lead developer, said:

"To win, CycleStreets needs your vote! Simply go to www.futurefriendly.co.uk, and click on the blue "Future Friendly Awards" link near the top right. Our project is listed together with a Vote button. There is also a great video about our work! Please help the project obtain funding from this national Future Friendly Award scheme."

The site has had almost a quarter of a million journeys planned on it so far, with usage increasing continually. A Cambridge-specific version of the site is at www.cambridge.cyclestreets.net and is the most heavily-used local section.

We hope people will vote for Cambridge-based CycleStreets in the Future Friendly Awards!


1) CycleStreets is the UK-wide cycle journey planner. It started as an off-shoot project of Cambridge Cycling Campaign, and is now run as a separate legal entity, on a not-for-profit basis.

2) Voting in the Future Friendly Awards closes at midnight on 19th September.

3) A mobile phone version of CycleStreets is about to be launched. More details at www.cyclestreets.net/mobile

4) Photographs of Simon Nuttall, lead developer, are available at:


Click on each image to get the full resolution version. These photos have been given a public-domain license so can be used royalty-free and without the need to credit them.

5) For more information, please contact us.

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