Some CycleStreets contributors have said that adding photos to the photomap can be rather addictive. We’ve been working on a new feature that can help make this process even easier and potentially more accurate for those who have a GPS (Global Positioning System) device.

Use the GPS to record a track while you’re out photographing. The location of each photo can be worked out roughly by comparing the time it was taken with the location recorded in the track at that time. We’ve tried to make the process as easy as possible, we’re calling it Geolocation by Synchronization and it is described fully in the help section.

Quickly setting the bearing of a photo

Another small new feature helps to quickly set the bearing when adding to the photomap. Each time the location of a photo is set by moving the marker a blue line and circle will appear. Move the mouse in the direction of the photo and click to set the bearing.  This is also explained in more detail on the help pages.

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