We’ve designed the Journey Planner to find practical, direct routes, mainly aimed at shorter urban journeys. But we’ve had a growing number of requests for longer or circular routes.

The journey length is limited at the moment to help keep our website as responsive as possible (because long routes take up a lot of computing time). So, if you want to plan a route between A and B that are further apart than this limit you can use this tip: Choose an intermediate point, say C and plan your route from A to C. Then on the route listing for A to C choose the [return] option shown at the top of the page. This will take you to the journey planning page, but with points A and C swapped over, i.e. starting from C going to A. Click the ‘change’ link in the Going to box,and choose your final destination B and plan. This will produce the route from C to B.

When signed-in to the site you can  access all your planned routes under the ‘My Journeys’ link in the journey planner.

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