We’ve now added a tabbed interface to the various photomap pages, as part of a drive to improve the user-friendliness of the photomap side of the system and increase the discoverability of its features.

For instance, see the new tabs on a photo page like
which is one of my favourite pictures!)

You can also now easily plan a journey to a location. So add a photo of a destination and you now get a nice URL to that place, e.g.

We’ll shortly have photos integrated within the route listings – so you can see what a route is like on the ground before you travel it! … if any photos have been added by people, of course. We used to have this feature in the original Cambridge-only system, but had to disable it when we launched CycleStreets because of performance issues (due to unoptimised code). Stay tuned!

(PS Thanks to Ian at UCS for the tabbing suggestion.)

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