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We're best known for our cycle journey planner, CycleStreets. But we run a range of sites, all aiming to get more people cycling, as part of a sustainable transport system.

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News of latest features and activity across all our projects.
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Our team

We're a small team of dedicated developers based in Cambridge, UK, working to get more people cycling.
Simon Nuttall
Simon Nuttall


Simon is the main developer of our routing engine, which aims to emulate as closely as possible how people cycle.

    Martin Lucas-Smith
    Martin Lucas-Smith


    Martin works on code for our various projects, and manages the organisation.



      Our team includes others working on our projects such as Cyclescape, our mobile apps, and more.

        CycleStreets Ltd, a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Cambridge, UK. Company number 06948959.