We encourage users of our API to write guest posts on how they are using the API.

Our aim with guest posts is to help promote what you’ve created, and to demonstrate how people are using our API to create interesting and useful products.

The intention is to promote the website/app that you’ve created, rather than to be nice about us! So you don’t need to say too much about the API or CycleStreets – perhaps a paragraph or a few sentences is fine (e.g. how easy you found it to integrate, or any features in it you particularly like).

Here are some examples:

Just send it through to our e-mail address, as a Word file and embed/attach some screenshots (probably about 4 is a good number) and we’ll get it online as soon as time allows.

Note: we do not accept paid-for guest posts on our blog – all the guest posts are genuine users of the API who we have encouraged to contribute and who we want to help promote.