Routing quality work

Here's a view of the latest work in progress to improve the quality of the routes offered. It shows the routemaster's view of the cycling network of South London. The screenshot is from one of a range of back-end tools which help us work on the complex task of debugging the routing engine. The yellow […]

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CycleStreets featured on government open data website

We were delighted to discover today that CycleStreets is featured as the default front page item on the government's relaunched website! CycleStreets uses four main open datasets: OpenStreetMap, consisting of data collected by people all around the UK to make a brilliant and versatile map dataset (this is not a government dataset though!) OS […]

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CycleStreets in Digital Heroes awards

We're riding again, with the leaders of the pack, in TalkTalk's annual "Digital Heroes" awards. This is a competitive award scheme, which if we win would bring a much needed investment of £5,000 to the project. Every penny would be used to improve the website to make it easier to use and produce better quality […]

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Future Friendly Awards: thanks for your vote

Many thanks to all our users and supporters who voted for us recently in the Future Friendly Awards. Voting amongst the entries was apparently 'nail-bitingly close'. Sadly, we didn't win, but congratulations to The Project Group whose excellent project won the £10,000 bursary. We were pleased to learn from one of the Future Friendly organisers that […]

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Guest post: Bike Hub app

This is a guest post from Carlton Reid, executive editor of and the editor of, who commissioned and helped designed the great new Bike Hub app which uses our routing! Less than 24 hours after hitting iTunes, the Bike Hub journey planning and bike shop finding iPhone app snuck into the top ten […]

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Londoners urged to get on their bikes to beat the tube strike

PRESS RELEASE: Londoners urged to get on their bikes to beat the tube strike With the onset of tube strikes, Londoners are urged to get on their bikes this week. But many people don't know good cycle routes around London – and traditional online maps don't know about shortcuts, park routes and quiet routes for cycling. London CycleStreets – […]

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