Batch (matrix) routing

Our routing has been used in a range of academic and transport planning projects. Because our routing aims to emulate as close as possible the route that a knowledgeable cyclist would take, creating a matrix of route results between sets of Origin<>Destination (OD) pairs facilitates various interesting statistical analyses of the quality of cycle infrastructure […]

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Dublin Region Active Travel Challenge

We’re proud to announce that, not one, but two of our new projects are finalists in the Active Travel Challenge being run by Smart Dublin. Smart Dublin brings together technology providers, academia and citizens to transform public services and enhance quality of life. The Challenge showcases how open data can be used to support and […]

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R interface to CycleStreets routing

We’re pleased to announce the availability of a new CycleStreets R package that enables easy access to our routing API. It enables R programmers to calculates cyclable routes in a reproducible command line interface, and obtain detailed metadata, e.g. quietness, elevation change, etc. Quietness values within a route. See an interactive version of this map, […]

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ActDev – Active travel in new developments

We’ve been working recently with Leeds University on a new project, ActDev – Active travel in new developments. The aim of the 4 month ActDev project, which was funded by UKRI, was to demonstrate what is possible with new datasets and methods to help people working in the planning system to support walking and cycling […]

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PhD studentship with University of Leeds: Towards data-driven policy development: the case of London’s built cycling infrastructure

An exciting PhD studentship opportunity which we are involved in, cross-posted from the Data Analytics and Society Centre for Doctoral Training website. Deadline: 3rd June 2018. Towards data-driven policy development: the case of London’s built cycling infrastructure In 2013, £913m of funds was allocated over 10 years for investment in London’s cycling infrastructure. Much of this — […]

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Cycle commuting analysis of Bristol

We love it when our API comes in useful for academic purposes. This is a guest post by Richard Thomas. Bristol: Typical cycle commute time For my MSc dissertation, I investigated determinants of the proportion of people who choose to cycle for their daily commute. Specifically, I wanted to see whether an analysis of realistic […]

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Routing developer needed for short-term work

We’ve obtained a £5,000 grant from the Technology Strategy Board’s Innovation Vouchers scheme, to work on some interesting routing challenges to help increase the quality of the routing we can offer. Our core aim with CycleStreets is to create “routing that thinks like a cyclist”. One of these aspects is the way that cyclists treat […]

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Ideas In Transit survey on CycleStreets

Interested in sharing your views and experiences of CycleStreets and other web-based travel information? The Ideas in Transit Project at the University of the West of England Bristol is working with CycleStreets to investigate people’s use of CycleStreets and other web-based travel information. The project is looking at the ways in which people use technologies […]

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