Mapping modal filters and LTNs

Modal filters – measures such as bollards, gates, cycle contraflows, etc., are important ways to prevent motor traffic passing through residential areas. They have been much in the news recently, but are in fact very common, and have been in existence since at least the 1980s. However, there is no national mapping data on where […]

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Dublin Region Active Travel Challenge

We’re proud to announce that, not one, but two of our new projects are finalists in the Active Travel Challenge being run by Smart Dublin. Smart Dublin brings together technology providers, academia and citizens to transform public services and enhance quality of life. The Challenge showcases how open data can be used to support and […]

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StreetFocus beta now live!

This update has been cross-posted from our blog on the StreetFocus website. StreetFocus is our project aiming to help communities benefit from new developments when they are proposed, and to help everyone find out more easily about proposals in their area. Since last summer, we’ve been working hard to create the new StreetFocus website. We’re […]

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London Cycling Data

Transport for London recently released a major new dataset detailing every piece of cycle infrastructure in Greater London. We’re proud to announce that we’re working with London Cycling Campaign (LCC) on a new project to help maintain that dataset, for TfL. This project will use LCC’s active volunteers and borough groups – the people who […]

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TfL Cycling Infrastructure Database

Transport for London (TfL) have created a new database of cycling infrastructure, containing 240,000 assets, covering all of Greater London. This is proposed to be released as open data. This groundbreaking database contains every cycle infrastructure asset within Greater London, including assets on and off-carriageway. The assets surveyed are: cycle parking; signals; signage; traffic calming measures; […]

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PhD studentship with University of Leeds: Towards data-driven policy development: the case of London’s built cycling infrastructure

An exciting PhD studentship opportunity which we are involved in, cross-posted from the Data Analytics and Society Centre for Doctoral Training website. Deadline: 3rd June 2018. Towards data-driven policy development: the case of London’s built cycling infrastructure In 2013, £913m of funds was allocated over 10 years for investment in London’s cycling infrastructure. Much of this — […]

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Every GB road collision – mapped

As campaigners for getting more people cycling, a crucial issue for us is safety of our streets. Safer streets means more people cycling – as places like the Netherlands and other European cities show. Every year, the Department for Transport issues a massive data release, detailing every reported road collision in Great Britain, what vehicles […]

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